Verkeer & Mobiliteit 2015 with IGS


Yesterday, MetroCount’s Daryl Ellison joined our friends from Installatie Groep Spijkenisse in Houten, for the Verkeer & Mobiliteit 2015 exposition. Similar to previous years, the IGS stand was filled with visitors eager to find out more about the MetroCount equipment. Providing innovative solutions for both temporary and permanent traffic survey needs, MetroCount’s technology is now present in over 110 countries.



An industry standard in terms of accuracy and reliability, the Portable Tube Counter is the most widely used axle detection system in the world. This Vehicle Classifier System brings together a precise road tube counter and powerful, yet easy-to-use software.

Visitors to the stand learned about outcomes which can be achieved using data from the MetroCount system. Applications vary from simple short term volume and classification studies, through to road safety analysis, road lifespan prediction and seasonal trends. MetroCount’s MTE™ software caters to the variety of data requirements that exist within Gemeente’s across Holland.

The Inductive Loops Classifier is a time-stamped vehicle counter and classifier, utilising inductive loops as the vehicle sensor.

Verkeer & Mobiliteit 2015

The show was well attended and we received great feedback on all products. Visitors were very impressed with the live demonstration of the MetroCount’s remote access service FieldPod®. From the comfort of the booth in Utrecht we were able to connect to sites around the world including a site near MetroCount’s head office in Australia!

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