What happened at Velo-City Global 2016

Velo-city Global 2016

Velo-city Global 2016 came to an end and although we made it back to Australia, we can’t seem to shake off the impact that Taipei has had over us. Part of a select group of cities worldwide that have adopted a sustainable approach to its urban development, Taipei is researching and investing in a safer and more efficient multi-modal traffic infrastructure.

This time around, Velo-city focused on 5 main topics: the Design in Motion competition; Urban Transition to fewer cars for a greater quality of life; Moving from a passive Lifestyles to active mobility; building a Sustainable Economy based on the “less is more” principle; and building Sharing Societies that facilitate individual access to common resources. Related to this, to set a good example, the local government of Taipei has recently introduced a shared bike scheme – YouBike – in partnership with Giant Bicycle CorpThe main challenges of this collaboration were vertical communication and accountability. According to Mr King Liu, founder of Giant Bicycle Corp, these sorts of initiatives do not receive the necessary level of importance and funding they need unless required they are developed and championed directly from within the departments of transport. In Mr Lui’s opinion, outlying departments such as “active transportation”, “sustainable transport”, “cycling department”, etc. do not have the perceived authority necessary for their solicitations to be taken seriously.

MetroCount at Velo-city Global 2016

What an intense trade show!

We received a great deal of interest from organisations from as far afield as the USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Italy, Singapore, mainland China and, of course, local Taiwanese.

Four days of meeting new people, discussing data collection methods, and riding through the beautiful city of Taipei… and until next time, we’re left with lovely memories.

See you at Velo-city Arnhem, the Netherlands 2017!




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