MetroCount focus on providing clear, accurate road usage information. Our hardware provides a superlative level of accuracy and dependability, while our software intelligently presents traffic information. We're committed to making reliable products - developed in house - and providing excellent support to our customers.

I am all the time very glad to have bought a MC5600 from your company and every day I am very satisfied about the possibilities and quality of the counter and the software. My compliments to the people who developed this sophisticated tool!!
W.H., [Traffic survey company], Netherlands

Powerful software, actionable results.

MetroCount systems empower better judgement when it comes to addressing road or bicycle traffic-related decisions. Funding grants can hinge upon the presence of usable traffic data. MetroCount Traffic Executive, our software package, provides reliable traffic information, checked for consistency and accuracy. Our Software continues to lead the field with interpretive power and flexibility.

Need to know if the 85th percentile of trucks exceed the speed limit around noon on public holidays? Seamlessly combine related data samples and filter according to your specific context.  MTE can graphically presents information while allowing modification to parameters to hone the result.

The software is the best! It is easy to use and the reports meet industry standards. I have 14 MetroCounts and have tried others but have found MetroCount to be the best for my business.
L.M., President, MTDC, Alberta, Canada
Diagram of how we collect data

How it works

Sensors on the road, pick up either axle hits or magnetic signatures. The precise time of these triggers are stored in a roadside unit nearby, which is retrieved by operators or automatically sent to our servers over mobile data networks. This information can then be processed at any time by MetroCount Traffic Executive to understand road conditions.

With vehicles passing two paired sensors in quick succession, MTE can use the difference between trigger times to very accurately interpret the speed, direction, length, and number of axles of vehicles that crossed the sensors.


The roadside unit picks up pneumatic impulses from tyres crossing the tubes. Variants include our standby portable classifier, the MC5600, and a roadside unit that interfaces with signalised intersections, pedestrian crossings and rail crossings for timing analysis.


Permanently embedded piezoelectric strips don’t protude from the road. With their high pressure sensitivity, this makes them perfect for unobtrusively surveying bicycles. Our motor vehicle unit allows for 4 inputs – two separate lanes of detailed traffic data from one roadside unit.


Inductive loops are embedded into the road and sense the magnetic signatures of passing vehicles. Requiring only a minimum of running power and stoically reliable, loops are ideal for extreme long-term surveys, especially when powered externally such as with a solar panel. We provide a simple binned data unit and a detailed timestamped data unit; the latter provides length-based vehicle classification.


Eliminate routine site visits with the FieldPod - our technology for accessing traffic survey sites remotely using the mobile data network. The FieldPod service allows data retrieval, status checking, and site management via the internet, enabled by a power-efficient Remote Access Module connected to your roadside unit(s). As a result of having your traffic data automatically delivered to you, you can save on capital expenditure and free up time and resources for more surveys.

The 5720 has, in my opinion, operated perfectly for more than three years. It has been in almost continuous operation, interrupted only on a couple of occasions when the unit’s battery reached the end of its cycle. It has been trouble free, reliable, and accurate. It has worked through heat, heavy rain, and cold, and I see no reason why it would not operate properly in snowy conditions.
D.P., A.C. Division of Transportation, Virginia, USA

25+ years of traffic data research and development

Since 1987, we’ve been listening to the problems and situations of clients around the world. As a result, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the challenges and nuances of traffic data. Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their experience with MetroCount.

From the outset, MetroCount has been on the vanguard of traffic data collection technology. We pioneered the “airliner black box” method of collecting raw data and analysing it after the fact; the method which has now become industry standard. MetroCount’s engineering team has worked hard to create hardware and software of real usefulness, and it shows. We have consistently performed well in independent reviews of our systems’ accuracy.

  • Winner: 2010 Western Australian Engineering Excellence Awards - Small Company Projects
  • Finalist: 2010 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards - Small to Medium Manufacturer Export Award
  • Finalist: 2010 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards - Information & Communication Technology Export Award
  • Special Commendation: 2009 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards - Information & Communication Technology Export Award
  • Winner: 2009 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards - Small Business Export Award
  • Special Commendation: 2008 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards - Small Business Export Award
  • National Finalist: 2007 Australian Export Awards - Small Business Award
  • Winner: 2007 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards - Small Business Export Award
  • National Finalist: 2005 Australian Export Awards - Augment Information & Communications Technology Award
  • Winner: 2005 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards - Information & Communications Export Award
  • National Finalist: 2004 Australian Export Awards - First Charlton Communications Information & Communications Technlogy Award
  • Finalist: 2004 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards - Small to Medium Manufacturer Export Award
  • Winner: 2004 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards - Information & Communications Export Award
As I have said before, Metro Count is the only way to go. Our City (Columbus, GA) uses them also and they have also echoed how great they are. We have used other counters and did not like them. We will always be Metro count users!
K.S., Directorate of Emergency Services, Columbus, Georgia, USA

Support is always on hand

Screenshot of installation video

Having trouble out on a night installation? With offices in the USAUK, and Australia, we’re available to call 22 hours a day. No joke! With our three offices, for 22 hours per day, at least one MetroCount office is open for business. Factor in our ongoing email support, and we’re effectively open 24/7. We’ve made a wealth of support resources available: a series of video tutorials, a staff-attended support & discussion forumin-person training courses which we run, and of course comprehensive documentation on MetroCount Traffic Executive. We pride ourselves on our level of client support.

All of the staff that I talk to are very knowledgeable about their products, and will always take time and care to ensure that I am completely happy with their response to my ‘many’ questions. They are always friendly and exceptionally helpful, and I must say that MetroCount is exemplary in showing what good customer care and relations should be like.
R.M., Survey Data Manager, T.S.F. Limited, United Kingdom