Catalyst For Change On Indian Roads

Australian Business Week In India

As part of the Australian Business Week in India Program, MetroCount delegates will be meeting with stakeholders from a range of backgrounds with the goal of advancing India’s commuter road networks. First and foremost in the discussions will be measures to curtail the horrific road toll and improve safety on Indian roads.

The First Small Step

Currently, Indian road accidents account for approximately 150,000 deaths per year, with half of those victims coming from vulnerable road users like bikes, pedestrians and motor bikes. While India accounts for over 15% of the global road toll, it only accounts for around 1% of the worlds vehicle population.

The cost of injuries and fatalities is not only to the families of those involved but also to the Indian economy. It is estimated that the economic and social impact of traffic incidents cost the Indian economy over 50 Billion dollars a year.


Time For Change

This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Addressing the road situation in India requires an holistic approach from road managers and policy makers. MetroCount technology provides simple and affordable first step in the drive towards safer roads.

Accurate traffic data can provide the catalyst  for intelligent traffic management. Understanding road conditions like speed, volume and class of vehicle, informs road managers of the current state of the roads and where improvements need to be made. MetroCounts specialists Maurice Berger and Mark Eyre will highlight the effect of this information and the direct impact it can have on improved road safety when they meet with Indian delegates.

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