Data that moves people

Recognised for 30 years as the world leader in traffic monitoring systems, MetroCount helps inform safer & more efficient road, cycleway & pedestrian infrastructure globally.

Specialising in highly accurate, reliable & low-power traffic counters, MetroCount is trusted with remote data delivery & statistical analysis by clients in 120 countries.

Reliable Systems

Our counters are fully weatherproof. With a life expectancy of 10+ years, they continue operating through extreme temperatures, floods and fires.

Powerful Analysis

MTE® empowers road managers to play with the data before choosing the most fitting analysis. All this flexibility free of charge when purchasing any counter.


Data Services

Adding a FieldPod® remote connection to your monitoring system enables real-time site diagnostics and scheduled data delivery. The end-to-end solution for managing sites.

Outstanding Support

We make sure that our clients are happy, satisfied and data savvy. With offices across the world, we’re ready to assist you 24/7.

Through thick and thin

"Our understanding of cycling numbers in Ealing has improved both in accuracy and reliability due to our RidePod BP counters."

"It was truly an eye opener to realise how much information can be collected from a couple of rubber tubes."

"We have chosen MetroCount for their great dedication and availability to coach and answer our questions despite a geographic and linguistic distance."

"Thanks, you truly make a difference and I am so overwhelmed by your customer service."

Let's plan your traffic survey!

Our in-house data specialists will help you accomplish your traffic analysis goals.

We’ll assist you with selecting the right monitoring system and the optimal site location.

We’ll make sure your counter is properly installed for counting cars, bikes or pedestrians with the highest accuracy.

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