Prepared by:
Advanced Traffic Analysis Center
Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute
North Dakota State University
Fargo, North Dakota

The following results are from an analysis in the City of Fremantle, at a test site on Ord Street, a main city arterial 2-lane road with heavy traffic and moderate speeds.

  1. RoadPod® VP
  2. RoadPod® VL
  3. RoadPod® VM

Two different statistical tests (Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test and T-Test) were performed to statistically demonstrate reasonable reliability of the traffic counting tubes data. Both statistical tests revealed there is no significant difference, at the 95% confidence level, between the actual traffic volumes and volumes obtained from the traffic counting tubes.

In September 2013 Grontmij conducted tests with three bicycle counting systems at Kral-ingseweg, Rotterdam. Besides the Dinaf count tubes already present at the test location, two other counting systems were deployed for the tests:

  • MetroCount MC5720: using piezoelectric strips;
  • EcoCounter: using an induction loop glued to the bicycle path.