Main Roads WA needed to install a traffic counting solution as a back-up in place of several RoadPod® VP (Vehicle Piezo) sites that had failed due to flooding. The extensive installation normally required to replace the Piezo-electric sensor strip sites meant that another faster deployment solution was to be investigated.

Conducting a traffic survey is an efficient method of collecting traffic data to identify focus areas and changes in patterns. With a focus on speed surveying, the results collected using RoadPod® VT counters can provide a better understanding of the key metrics of road safety and which, if any, need improvement.

As a leading provider of traffic data solutions, MetroCount offers a wide range of traffic counters and data visualisation. From our portable traffic counters with durable rubber tubes to our active transport counters, we have a product for every situation.

The RoadPod® VM patented magnetometers are small, unobtrusive and off-grid vehicle counters that provide real-time data on traffic movements.

RoadPod® VMs work in an array to accurately count vehicles, monitor speeds and classify vehicle type based on the length of each passing vehicle. Gap and headway information is also available and all data is precisely time-stamped.

With the use of ATLYST quickly becoming a top preference by customers around the world, we are  seeing successful stories arising with major benefits being felt by the organisations using the software.

Jarrod Lea, Traffic Engineer at Sunshine Coast Council, shares his feedback below on an innovative road safety project being piloted in his local government area:

Northumberland County Council made the switch to MetroCount systems in 2021 and haven’t looked back since. Northumberland’s Traffic Count Officer, Bernie Gillis, shares the Council’s reasons and feedback below.

An independent study has shown that MetroCount automatic traffic counters and classifiers (ATCC) provide average accuracy of 96.5% when monitoring vehicles on Indian roads.