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Multilingual Brochures

For international tenders and clients, please consider these MetroCount brochures. English (2.05MB)
 Español (130KB)
 Italiano (1.31MB)
 Français (2MB)

Traffic Analysis

Quick Start GuideThis is a quick guide to get you familiarised with the MTE® software. Starting from installing MTE through to producing a report.PDF icon305KB
Speed AccuracyHow RoadPod® VT deals with collecting accurate speed values: Timing Resolution, Random and Systematic Errors, Calibration.PDF icon406KB
The 85th Percentile SpeedDefining the 85th percentile speed and discussing its effects on free-flowing traffic and congestion.PDF icon660KB
Speed Bins and FactorsWorking with speed bins: defining bins, bins multipliers and establishing a site’s speed rating.PDF icon453KB
Road Safety and Speed EnforcementA rundown of the most useful analysis when looking to improve road safety: speed bins, school zones, hazard ranking and monetary value.PDF icon647KB
MTE® Site ListsSite Lists: database of your survey locations. Simplify your field operations. Control your contractors.PDF icon449KB
Gap AnalysisDefining gap acceptance and the critical gap. Demonstrating how to measure gaps with MetroCount data.PDF icon724KB
Custom List ReportsOverview of how to create Custom List templates/reports in MTE and exporting those to Excel spreadsheets.PDF icon700KB
Report ProfilesProfiles overview. Basic vehicle filtering. Advanced Profile settings. Copying, saving and loading Profiles.PDF icon558KB
Time Based PlotsOverview. Tools and how-to tips.PDF icon848KB

Supplementary Information

ROMAN II logoDownload MCReport Custom List template files to generate data compatible with ROMAN II

NYSDOT Test DocumentMetroCount Environmental Testing as conducted in 2003 for the successful BA-081 contract for the New York State Department of Transport.PDF icon769KB
MC5712 Award SubmissionMetroCount’s winning submission for the 2010 Engineering Excellence AwardsPDF icon6.1MB
Gloucester Highways evaluationTRIAL OF AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC COUNTING (ATC) EQUIPMENT FOR TEMPORARY SURVEYS March 2011 by Gloucester HighwaysPDF icon1.8MB
Intertraffic India FAQSummary of Frequently Asked Questions from Intertraffic IndiaPDF icon 0.8MB
MC5810 BrochurePreliminary information on MetroCount’s new MC5810 loop-based length & speed classifier.PDF icon1.1MB


  1. Serge HUBER says:

    merci de me fournir le lexique français pour mon logiciel Metrocount 4.0.6

    • Metro Admin Metro Admin says:


      Merci d’avoir attiré notre attention sur ce point.
      Nous sommes en train d’améliorer notre support à la clientèle en français.
      Pour l’instant, notre collègue Clément va vous contacter.

      Bien à vous.

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