Traffic Counters & Classifiers

From designing and manufacturing our first automatic traffic counter in 1991, we have consistently improved and developed new technologies to optimise traffic data collection. Today, in addition to the industry’s device of choice – the RoadPod® VT, we offer a wide range of monitoring solutions. You can check out our latest product the RoadPod® VM here

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Counter Model Mobile Fixed Use Application

RoadPod® VT
Portable traffic counter with robust rubber tubes. Designed for short-term surveys on multiple locations or long-term data collection on low volume roads.

RoadPod® VT4
VT4 5904
Portable counter with four pneumatic tubes enabling accurate data collection from roads with multiple unidirectional lanes.

RidePod® BT
Portable bike & e-scooter counter with sensitive, thin rubber tubes. Designed for easy-to-install, short-term surveys on shared paths and on-road bike lanes.

RoadPod® PhaseT
MC5712 Portable tube counter designed for analysing traffic at pedestrian crossings, rail crossings, boom gates, etc. This counter synchronises traffic data with the traffic signals (e.g. red light) captured by an additional optical fibre channel.

RoadPod® VP
VP5910 This piezoelectric system is ideal for major roads with heavy flow. While collecting axle data year-round, this counter is the solution to identify traffic patterns, seasonal variations, and assess infrastructure over time.

RidePod® BP
BP5920 The world's first, all-in-one bicycle, e-scooter & pedestrian counter using piezoelectric strips for ongoing data collection. The most reliable solution for monitoring shared paths and on-road bike lanes year-round.

RoadPod® VL
Permanent loop installations for long-term data collection. The MC5805 is designed for a simple count, recording just binned volumes from up to 4 lanes. For more detailed data, the MC5810 provides accurate information on volume, speed, and class, covering up to 2 lanes of traffic.

MC Piezo Test
MC5740 Testing unit to analyse piezo strip installations.

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