The RidePod® systems are weatherproof, energy-efficient, low maintenance and perfectly adapted for remote work.  Their users retain ownership of the most comprehensive and accurate view of traffic on cycle lanes and shared paths.
It’s why our data is trusted and loved by active transport managers around the world.

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RidePod® BT


The RidePod BT is easy to install, move around your survey network and manage remotely from your (home) desk. It provides extremely detailed information that can determine leisure vs commuter trends, travelling directions and their peak hours, 85th percentile speeds and many more. Unlike competitor products, it can accurately detect non-magnetic vehicles, such as carbon fibre bikes, and differentiate e-scooters or bicycles travelling in clusters.

RidePod® BP


RidePod BP is the first and only solution on the market that can simultaneously monitor bikes, e-scooters and pedestrians. Using two piezoelectric sensors only, this system remains highly accurate in various weather conditions and is not affected by the sunlight or temperature. The device of choice for sustainable transport planning, this system will continue recording year-round without needing regular maintenance.


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