Bike Monitoring Network in North Brabant

MetroCount, in collaboration with Basec, was recently awarded a 3-year contract to monitor bikes in the Dutch province of North Brabant. Work has begun to commission over 50 bike data sites across the region. MetroCount will utilise the latest in bike monitoring technologies to record accurate cycling statistics. Under the management of experienced traffic survey manager Robert Mulder, the project will deliver 3 years of uninterrupted bike data, highlighting trends in cyclist numbers and behaviour.

The project is a world-leading example of bike data collection and will inform cycling infrastructure planning and design.

MetroCount Bike Monitoring Network in Noord Brabant, the Netherlands

Bike Data Recording Hardware

Our RidePod® BT tube counting system was selected for recording data. With consistent performance in a range of conditions (if cyclists can ride there, they will be counted) and industry-leading accuracy, the RidePod BT is a proven technology.

The counters will be coupled with the FieldPod® remote access system. A portable, battery-powered 3G module will deliver daily site diagnostics, including battery life and sensor balance allowing any hardware issues to be rectified promptly. With a strong emphasis on collecting contiguous data, remote access bridges the physical gap between users and sites, removing the need for regular visits.

Bike Data Analysis

The RidePod BT systems will record bike axle timestamps to deliver statistics on volume, speed, direction of travel, vehicle length (to identify scooters) and gaps. Data from MetroCount hardware will feed into the Basec web-based analysis system, providing map-based visualisation of bike data for each site. All raw MetroCount files will remain available for extended analysis in MTE, while Basec will plot broad summaries of each site on the map. Basec has forged a strong relationship with MetroCount data, as our Dutch clients have been using this tool, in addition to the MTE software, for quite some time. For this project, however, we will work directly with them.

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