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Road Tube Installation Series

Introduction and Equipment In the first video in our road tube installation series, we take a look at some of the equipment required to install MetroCount MC5600 Road Side Unit.   Road Tube Preparation The second video in our road

Introduction to MTE Software

Welcome to MetroCount Software instructional video series. The sequence of videos cover the basics of traffic analysis with the MC5600* for temporary traffic surveys. *NOTE: The MC5600 traffic counter has been replaced by the RoadPod VT® 5900. While the new

Data Quality Analysis

Case Study | Traffic data quality assessment. A recent court case in Western Australia brought the use of traffic data in crash analysis under examination. In this series of videos MetroCount General Manager Vern Bastian discusses the methodology used to

Traffic Monitoring School Zone

Increase Safety in School Zones

Speeding in school zones has been on the hit list of road safety campaigners for many years. MetroCount’s detailed traffic analysis system provides local councils and governments with the ability to monitor vehicles travelling through school zones during the school

USB to Serial Communication with a MetroCount Unit

This MetroCount training video details the basics of communicating with a MetroCount Traffic Survey Unit using a USB to Serial cable. For more details on installing the MTE software and drivers for your unit please watch the Software training series

MetroCount Battery

Understanding MetroCount Batteries

MetroCount road side units are battery operated and in this video we explore the two batteries that run the MetroCount MC5600. For more details or support contact MetroCount.

85th Percentile Speed Analysis

85th Percentile Speed – Investigating Modern Use

MetroCount’s traffic analysis software allows traffic managers to quickly and easily identify the 85th percentile speed of a road at the traffic survey site. This statistic plays an important role in identifying speed related issues but can be misquoted if

Traffic Survey Site Managment

Traffic Survey Management with Site Lists

Site lists are a useful way to manage a traffic survey network, from the set up of loggers, data entry for sites and scheduling of surveys. One site list multiple surveys. Using site lists, the details of a logger, which would

Newlook Black Case MetroCount

Accessories Videos

MetroCount have a large range of traffic survey accessories. Learn about our common accessories below or browse our shop to view the full product range.

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