Have you seen the latest MetroCount product, the RoadPod® VM?

The RoadPod® VM patented magnetometers are small, unobtrusive and off-grid vehicle counters that provide real-time data on traffic movements.

The RoadPod® VM:

  • Is installed within 60 seconds with no cutting or grinding of the road required.
  • Gives year-round, individual vehicle data in real-time including volume, speed, length, class and gap.
  • Securely transmits all information via the Cloud to ATLYST®.
  • Delivers reliable and accurate data as expected with all MetroCount products.

RoadPod® VMs work in an array to accurately count vehicles, monitor speeds and classify vehicle type based on the length of each passing vehicle. Gap and headway information is also available and all data is precisely time-stamped.

Extremely Fast installation

The RoadPod® VM was designed to be the simplest and fastest traffic sensor to install on sealed roads or cycleways. Simply apply a specialised adhesive pad to the road surface, heat and place theRoadPod VM on top.

This method allows installation to occur quickly, with little to no traffic management or cutting/grinding of the road surface and ensures longevity of each RoadPod® VM on the road.

Data Securely Transmitted to the Cloud

Each sensor captures time-stamped vehicle information independently, transmitting it to a central gateway that combines the information and securely sends the raw data to the Cloud.

100% Off-Grid. Solar Powered.

The RoadPod VM system operates independently of mains power. Each sensor is powered by a discreet, in-built solar panel and internal battery. Likewise, the central gateway runs off solar energy

Want to know more? Get in touch with the MetroCount team today!

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  1. Gabriel Salis says:

    how much does it cost, to deliver to lagos, Nigeria

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