Hometown proud: LGSA Conference Perth

LGSA Conference Perth

We’re proud to have participated in this year’s Local Government Supervisor’s Association LGSA Conference in Perth, MetroCount’s hometown.

As a family-owned company founded in Western Australia over 30 years years ago, we’re still here to offer support to those that were with us at the very beginning.

Check out photos from this year’s conference at the bottom of this page.

ATLYST: Online traffic data management and automated analytics

ATLYST at LGSA Conference Perth

At this year’s conference, we displayed our new online data analytics and survey management software ATLYST. We’re extremely excited by this addition to MetroCount’s product range as we’re sure it will help our clients save time and improve their traffic monitoring processes.

ATLYST helps by:

  • Securely archiving and managing raw data files.
  • Downloading raw data at any time, from anywhere.
  • Easily sharing data with anyone internally or externally.
  • Automating data validation and quality alerts.
  • Exporting bulk data in CSV, PDF or spreadsheet formats.
  • Comparing data from multiple sites over time.
  • Editing data collection site information.
  • Exporting site list details to ensure survey consistency.
  • Generating unlimited traffic data reports in seconds.
  • And much more!

We’re offering free trial ATLYST accounts to all attendees of the LGSA Conference. To secure your trial and evaluate how ATLYST can help your organisation, click the button above, email atlyst@metrocount.com or call +61 8 9430 6164.

LGSA Conference Perth photos

Check out a few photos from this year’s conference and social events:

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