How to convince your boss to approve an ATLYST subscription

Getting the final tick of approval for a new subscription can require a number of hoops to be navigated through. Below we have prepared some responses to help you answer any doubts or questions your management team may have regarding ATLYST.

Each of the below can be downloaded as a Palm Card so your answers can be always kept on you, just in case someone fires a question at you in the hallway.

ATLYST not only automates data analysis, but it securely archives all traffic data in one spot.

Take the pressure off having to manage and back up your library of data files. ATLYST will securely store all your historical traffic survey information and allow access from any computer, at any time. Save time trying to find the exact data file you need and prevent data loss into the future with ATLYST.  

All data is archived on MetroCount servers. Each file is encrypted in transit and at rest, ensuring complete security at all times.

ATLYST compliments the existing MTE software by visualising multiple datasets on an interactive map.

MTE is the most powerful traffic data analysis software on the market. It drills down into extreme detail of one dataset to produce accurate reports. ATLYST is powered by MTE to view summary information from multiple datasets in one screen. Easily compare traffic trends at different areas across your network or see how traffic has changed at the same location over the years. 

ATLYST automates data validation and reporting, saving precious time and resources.

Simply drag and drop a raw .ec0 data file into ATLYST and watch as the map is populated with summary traffic information in under an hour. In the background, ATLYST works its magic to validate each dataset according to customisable data quality parameters and alerts you of any anomalies. This is a massive time-saver and will free up resources to focus on other activities.  

Export all information to your GIS platform with a single click

We understand that organisations use multiple systems to manage infrastructure and assets. ATLYST was built to facilitate sharing data in a range of formats such as CSV and XLSX. This allows seamless integration with all business systems.   

Multi-page reports automatically created to share with stakeholders

Wanting to share data with stakeholders and colleagues? ATLYST makes this easy by automatically creating a multi-page report for every uploaded data file. Download as a spreadsheet or save graphs and reports in PDF format. Or, better still, add a new Viewer account in ATLYST and give direct, read-only access to all stakeholders. 

Ensure consistency by creating set survey locations and generating Site Lists

Simply click on the locations you’d like to conduct a traffic survey and hit the “Generate MTE Site List” button. This will export a list of the specific site details to share with your installation team. It will be used in conjunction with the MTE software to set up the traffic counters with the exact information you have specified. The Site List feature ensures consistency when conducting multiple surveys at the same location.

ATLYST Viewer accounts allow information sharing with external contractors, neighbouring governments and related organisations

A free ATLYST account linked to your organisation’s account can be created for any relevant parties of your choosing. They will be able to view and share data in read-only formats.

Need to share information with survey installation contractors? ATLYST does this by notifying your selected contractor when a Site List has been created and allows them to upload the resulting data to your organisation’s ATLYST map.

Streamline your budgeting

By knowing the exact price of your subscription, you can budget for ATLYST months, even years, in advance. Your MetroCount representative will be able to work with you to find a budget that suits your organisation. The amount of time and resources you’ll save by using ATLYST will more than cover the subscription costs.

Why spend resources on your own software when ATLYST is packaged and ready to go?

Some organisations may consider developing in-house software from the ground up. While this can provide a fully customised solution, it requires months of internal (and external) resources to build the software and ongoing maintenance afterwards. Additionally, staff movements can create a challenge in ensuring the continuity of the software.

ATLYST has been developed and tested over multiple years by the world’s leading traffic data specialists. Constant feedback from various traffic-related organisations has informed the creation of every aspect of the ATLYST software. A team of developers is dedicated to maintaining and improving ATLYST so all features are operational and optimised to real-world scenarios. 

Ongoing specialised support

Your organisation will be allocated a friendly account manager who will be available for support, training or to resolve any unlikely issues at any time during business hours.

Need to prepare a business case? We’ve got a template for that

No need to start from scratch, use our free Business Case Template and fill in the relevant sections. We collaborated with a renowned Australian Local Government organisation to prepare this winning business case template.

Why is a subscription model beneficial to your organisation?

A subscription model allows more flexibility while also providing a level of stability when it comes to planning and budgeting. Once the subscription is approved, all you need to worry about is raising an annual Purchase Order. We’ll be in touch 2 months in advance to give you plenty of time to raise a PO before your subscription ends. 

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