Increase Safety in School Zones

Speeding in school zones has been on the hit list of road safety campaigners for many years. MetroCount’s detailed traffic analysis system provides local councils and governments with the ability to monitor vehicles travelling through school zones during the school hours and identify any problem behaviours like speeding and tailgating.

From speeding motor bikes during the morning period through to a detailed overall headway statistics on all vehicles travelling through a school zone period, the information is all available from a single survey with the right filters applied to the data.

Monitor Speeds in School Zones

In this video, MetroCount’s Vern Bastian introduces school zone speed monitoring to increase safety, and the applications of understanding traffic patterns in school zones. The tutorial then details the process of filtering out traffic to show only the speeds of vehicles during school zone speed limit period of the day. (for this example from 7:30am to 9am and 2:30pm to 4pm.)

Detailed filtering allows traffic survey managers to identify problems with speed and the classification of speeding vehicles be they trucks, motor bikes or cars.



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