MTE™ Training Days – Melbourne & Sydney

The end of July finds us on the East Coast, exhibiting at the AITPM conference (Sydney, 26 – 29 July). We made most of this trip and also organised two MTE™ Certification Training Courses in Melbourne and Sydney, from MetroCount users from New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and even New Zealand!

Some people took it upon themselves to review the session, reinforcing our satisfaction with the engagement of the crowd. This time around, our attendees prepared specific questions and were actively seeking to find out how to make the most of their data.

MetroCount training days - Maurice Berger, Melbourne


Like never before, we noticed a high interest in the software’s Site List. This functionality facilitates the management of a traffic survey network, from efficient on-site counter set-up and data entry to survey scheduling by allowing the user to define and recall frequently surveyed locations.

There was also talk about reports, more specifically custom template reports (examples here and here). Despite MTE™ offering a range of out-of-the-box reports, MetroCount can provide additional templates to fit client specifications, using an array of traffic parameters and formatting options. A personalised report goes a long way when presented at a council meeting or to GIS departments.

Satisfied with our answers and the information they’ve learned, the attendees only need to pass a short exam before receiving their MetroCount Traffic Executive™ Achievement Certificate.

Too easy!

Melbourne Training, 22nd of July 2016
 Sydney Training, 25th of July 2016


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