MetroCount’s commitment to sustainability

From MetroCount’s humble beginnings in 1987, founder Mike Kenny has always prioritised sustainable operational practices and a green approach to conducting business.

As the company has continued to grow, sustainability has remained at the core of what MetroCount stands for. Here’s how we reduce our carbon footprint:

Energy-efficient headquarters

MetroCount for Sustainability

In 1999 Mike invested in the construction of a purpose-built, energy-efficient headquarters powered with 150 solar panels that generate 40KW of clean power.

The office design, created by Odden Rodrigues Architects, was very deliberately planned to minimise energy usage through passive solar orientation, cross ventilation and smart insulation.

Recently, a 40kWh Redflow Battery Energy system was installed by RBSSWA to ensure that all solar energy captured during the day can also be used to power the office during the night and as backup power for work servers.

The location of the office was strategically chosen nearby a large coastal bike path and free bus service to encourage employees to leave their cars at home for the commute to work. End-of-trip facilities such as two large bike racks and hot showers further encourage employees to ride or walk to work.

These headquarters contributed to MetroCount being nominated as a finalist in the 2014 AIM WA Pinnacle Awards for Green Business Excellence.

Off-grid, long-lasting products

MetroCount for Sustainability

MetroCount is renowned for producing the world’s most durable, reliable and accurate traffic monitoring solutions. All MetroCount traffic counters are engineered to function off-grid for years.

Permanent monitoring systems are fully charged by the sun while our portable counters can function continuously for up to four years without having to replace the battery.

We pride ourselves on building extremely high-quality products which are all manufactured in Western Australia. Unlike corporations who rely on planned obsolescence to generate higher revenue in the long-run, MetroCount continues to build products that last for decades.

Tree Planting Initiative

MetroCount for Sustainability

In 2020, MetroCount partnered with the Eden Reforestation Projects to fund tree planting in third world countries. Eden employs locals in poverty-stricken countries such as Haiti, Madagascar and Nepal to restore forests while simultaneously supporting the local economy.

For every counter sold, MetroCount has committed to cover all costs for planting 10 trees in one of these regions.

Spotlight on Alternative Transport

As a business working in the traffic and transport industry, MetroCount makes a concerted effort to highlight alternative transport modes and lead by example to reduce our carbon footprint.

The company car is a Renault Zoe electric vehicle that is powered by MetroCount HQ’s powerful solar system.

An update to MetroCount’s Shared Path Classification Scheme now also differentiates between varying micro-mobility devices such as e-scooters, cargo bikes, children’s bicycles and more.

This specific information allows local governments with MetroCount monitoring systems to better understand active travel in their area and to detect safety hazards on shared paths and bike lanes.

Supporting local

Wherever possible, MetroCount sources parts and services from independent, local businesses in an attempt to reduce shipping emissions and to support small, family-owned companies like MetroCount.

Some of the parts and services we source locally include:

  • Natural rubber pneumatic tube manufactured in South Australia at Derby Rubber.
  • Stainless steel road cases and roadside cabinets manufactured in Western Australia at Precision Sheet Metal.
  • Electronic assembly work is done at Perth-based Tri Electronics.
  • Cabling assembly is done in conjunction with family-owned, Perth based Holman Electronics.
  • Large figure-8 cleats provided by West Australian, family-run business Yacht Grot.
  • All marketing materials are printed on 100% recycled stock from locally-owned printing company Copy Magic.

Giving back to the community

MetroCount believes in the social responsibility of paying it forward to those in need. Apart from our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we are also proud sponsors of Team MetroCount for the Life Cycle for Canteen bike ride that raises money every year for teens suffering from cancer.

We are actively involved in national and local fundraising events such as last year’s MetroCount bushfire appeal that raised over $10,000 and the Fremantle Tweed Run that supports youth with employment pathways utilising the humble bicycle.

Not business as usual at Global Climate Strike

In 2019 the MetroCount website joined the Global Climate Strike and employees were supported to take the day off work to protest against government climate inaction.

Monitoring sustainable transportation

Over a decade ago, MetroCount recognised the need for governments to better understand the movements of cyclists on their paths, bike lanes and roads for creating livable communities and improving liability.

After extensive development and testing, we released our first bicycle monitoring system, the RidePod® BP, in 2008. Since then we have continually improved the functionality of our bike counters to detect e-scooters, cargo bikes and pedestrians consistently and accurately with the same piezoelectric sensors.

MetroCount for Sustainability

We also released the RidePod® BT portable bike and scooter counter which allows governments to gather weeks or months of active transport data at multiple locations.

Collecting data on sustainable mobility movements allow local councils and state road authorities to better maintain cycling infrastructure, to bolster funding applications for upgrades, to detect and respond quickly to safety hazards and to monitor the shift from motorised transport to active travel.

During the coronavirus pandemic, governments around the globe were able to use MetroCount data to ensure safe social distancing on paths, to inform the creation of pop-up bike lanes and to better respond to massive changes in cycling, scooting and walking movements.

MetroCount for Sustainability

At MetroCount we pride ourselves in taking steps to ensure a greener, cleaner future for all. We strongly believe that creating sustainable business practices is not only beneficial for the environment but that it also reflects positively in business growth and success long term.

MetroCount will continue to conduct business guided by our core sustainability values and we encourage other independent companies to follow suit to create a better future for everyone.

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