NEW: Remote Access Link

Sometimes, tube counters are used for semi-permanent applications. Some examples are high priority roads, remote areas or dedicated bike lanes. While this works fine in most cases, to ensure continuous data, users still need to visit their sites to check the tubes and download their data.

We are about to transform the way you manage these traffic surveys. After years of development, the Remote Access Link is ready to be launched.

What is the Remote Access Link?

“The Link” is a new road case which adds remote data services capabilities to MetroCount tube counters. In other words, tube counters will be connected to our FieldPod servers, which will allow users to receive system diagnostics and their traffic data remotely.

Does the Link work with all tube counters?

Unfortunately, the Link does not work with older models (MC5600, MC5606, MC5620), but only with the 7th generation of MetroCount tube system launched in late 2016 – RoadPod VT5900, RidePod BT5926 and the RoadPod VT4.

How to order the Remote Access Link?

Please contact our traffic data specialists for a free evaluation of your traffic monitoring needs. They will be able to assess if the Remote Access Link is right for you and provide you a quote.

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