MC5600 Vehicle Classifier System

This product is not available anymore. See RoadPod® VT for current model.

Over 20 years ago, our talented team of engineers pioneered an effective new approach to traffic data collection: store every axle and process data afterwards through powerful software. Through our efforts, the MetroCount tube counter has become the reference point for the worldwide traffic industry.

MetroCount Vehicle Analysis

Monitoring National Parks

Traffic counters are spread across National Parks to help establish visitor numbers at fee collection points (traffic volume), types of vehicles entering parks (classification), as well as monitoring speed.

Targeted Law Enforcement

'If there is a site where crashes occur constantly, then the MC5600 is certainly more cost-effective than wasting police manpower." - Lt. Michael Katsoudas of the Hillside P.D. (New Jersey)

Transport Model Callibration

Researchers used the MetroCount pneumatic tube system to apply real traffic data to the calibration and validation of transport models. The data recorder by our tube system provided a benchmark for the researchers in Romania.


Funding Applications with Volume Data

Road Surfacing based on Classification

Speed Monitoring for Road Safety

Assessing Gap-Acceptance Capacity

Record now. Analyse later.

Unlike traditional classifiers and counters, MetroCount systems do not process traffic data at the roadside, but rather precisely logs the time every axle hitting the tubes. During  post-analysis, the MetroCount Traffic Executive™ software is interpreting these time stamped axle hits, providing a clear overview of the traffic.

This retrospective approach frees you from instructing field staff on your required traffic parameters, lets you make intelligent choices after “playing with the data”, and enables you to reanalyse data with the latest software.

Technical Specification

  • Hardware
  • Sensor type: Pneumatic tubes
  • Sensor spacing: 800 – 1200mm
  • Time resolution: Better than 1ms
  • Memory: Up to1 million axles
  • Internal battery: 4 D alkaline cells
  • Road Case & Main Unit
  • Stainless steel case: 350 x 124 x 95mm
  • PVC main unit:  243 x 107 x 82mm
  • Total weight: ~ 4.15kg
  • Running temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • Running humidity: 0 to 95%
  • Accessories
  • MTE™ software: Included
  • User manual: Included
  • Traffic survey field kit &
  • other accessories: Shop here
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