RoadPod® VL 5805

Vehicle Loop Counter

When only traffic volume is required, inductive loops are the most efficient solution, without compromising on accuracy. By capturing the presence of a vehicle with a single inductive loop, one RoadPod® VL 5805 can monitor vehicle numbers on up to four lanes of traffic for up to 4 years.

With fully configurable bin size and thresholds, this permanent system is ready to adjust to any site specifications.

Commercial Parking Lots and Entryways

To manage the potential of a business location, it is important to be aware of the volume of visitors it attracts. By monitoring incoming traffic, organisations can identify shopping patterns, peak hours, and better capitalise on consumer trends.

Assessing Toll Gate management

The RoadPod® VL 5805 has proven very efficient when investigating the correlation between toll gate revenue and the traffic volume. Validation of revenue versus traffic volume provides owners with a reliable overview of toll performance.

Binned Counts on Busy Roads

Ideal for monitoring busy roads, the RoadPod® VL 5805 can collect ongoing volume data for years, covering up to four lanes of traffic with a single unit connected to four loops. Where classification is not required, the MC5805 is the most effective solution.


Residential Park Driveways

Road Capacity Assessment

Long-Term Monitoring at Remote Sites

MC58085 - Inductive Loops Counter

Accurate and Reliable Volumes

MetroCount’s inductive loop systems are built from high-quality, reliable components. Enabling easy upgrade options, this counter can connect to loops already embedded on the road, assuming they are in working order. Contractors familiar with traffic signal sensors will be equipt to carry out loop installations.

The RoadPod® VL 5805 offers a set of diagnostic tools bundled in the MTE™ softwareLoop Scope provides feedback on the condition of loops. Meanwhile, Loop Monitor tests connections and terminals. Together they characterise the site hardware and supply a full diagnostic of the equipment to provide logical troubleshoot pathways.

RoadPod® VL + FieldPod®

Add Remote Access to Your Counter

The RoadPod® VL 5805 supports remote connectivity via the 3G network. Get access to traffic data and site diagnostics on demand.

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