RoadPod® VL 5810

Vehicle Loop Classifier

Designed for hassle-free surveys, the RoadPod® VL series uses embedded inductive loops to provide long-term traffic data. This modular system is an economical and efficient solution for monitoring both a one-lane road or a busy sixteen-lane highway, and can also be retrofitted to existing loops.

For vehicle volumes only, please see our RoadPod®  VL5805 model.

Straightforward Installation

MetroCount’s inductive loop systems are built from simple and affordable components. Besides enabling an easy and accessible installation, the MC5810 can also connect to loops already embedded on the road. Contractors familiar with traffic signal sensors will find the setup particularly effortless.

RoadPod® VL 5810 offers a set of diagnostic tools bundled in the MTE softwareLoop Scope provides feedback on the condition of loops. Meanwhile, Loop Monitor tests connections and crimp terminals. Together they identify any faults in the setup process and supply a full diagnostic of the equipment. 

RoadPod® VL + FieldPod®

Add Remote Access to Your Counter

The RoadPod® VL 5810 supports remote connectivity via the 3G network. Get access to traffic data and site diagnostics on demand.

System Diagnostics

Data Download

Customised Reports

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor type: Inductive loops
  • Memory: Stores up to 250,000 vehicles per lane. Flash memory with up to 10 years retention
  • Internal battery: 4 alkaline D cells
  • Power: Solar panel & mains
Cabinet Enclosure & Main Unit
  • Aluminium cabinet: 40 x 30 x 110cm
  • Colour: Grey or black
  • Running temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • MTE software: Included
  • User manual: Included
  • Breakout board: Necessary
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