RidePod® BP

Bike+ People Piezoelectric Counter

Two super-sensitive piezoelectric sensors detect and time-stamp pressure on a bike path or lane with millisecond precision. When the dataset is analysed in MTE®, individual bikes are identified and non-bike strikes are further processed to determine reliable and consistent pedestrian volumes. RidePod BP is the device of choice for sustainable transport planning.

Bolstering Funding Applications

Ealing Council is a recognised regional leader in active transport and won the Transport Authority of the Year title at the National Transport Awards 2015. An ongoing program of bike data collection has helped to develop award-winning cycling infrastructure.

Measure Cycling Adoption

Data from RidePod BP enables bike coordinators to better understand how infrastructure is being used. Find out how data on the uptake of cycling assists planners and engineers to manage upgrades and plan new infrastructure.

Plotting Virtual Traffic

From pedestrians and dogs to weekly commuters and social Sunday riders, the traffic along South Beach is very diverse. The Fremantle Council records cycling activity 24/7 365 days of the year and utilises virtual reports to visualise bike traffic.


Pedestrian Volumes

Speed monitoring for road safety

Profiling various cyclist segments

True direction detection and filtering 


One counter. One dataset.

Extracting both bicycle and pedestrian counts from a stream of similar objects is a unique challenge. Engineers at the MetroCount R&D facility in Australia have applied their expertise in piezoelectric sensor technology to develop a world first bike + people counter.

The system is robust and will continuously record accurate statistics year-round, in extreme conditions, without the need for regular maintenance. The resulting data will be post-processed the MTE® software that offers great flexibility and a wide range of reports.

RidePod® BP + FieldPod®

Add Remote Access to Your Counter

The RidePod® supports remote connectivity via the 3G network. Get access to traffic data and site diagnostics on demand.

System Diagnostics

Data Download

Customised Reports

Technical Specifications

  • Hardware
  • Sensor type: Piezoelectric strips
  • Sensor spacing: 600 mm (on-road path)
  •                               400 mm (off-road path)
  • Memory: Up to 480K bicycles
  • Internal battery: 6V 18Ah
  • Power: Solar panel & mains
  • Cabinet Enclosure & Main Unit
  • Stainless steel cabinet: 400 x 300 x 1100mm
  • Colour: Grey or black
  • Mounting: DIN rail mount
  • Antenna: FME 3G connector
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