Road Tube Installation Series

Introduction and Equipment

In the first video in our road tube installation series, we take a look at some of the equipment required to install MetroCount MC5600 Road Side Unit.


Road Tube Preparation

The second video in our road tube installation series examines the preparation of road tubes prior to installation of MetroCount MC5600 Road Side Unit. This preparation is usually undertaken in a depot prior to attending the installation site.


Road Tube Installation

The third video in this series examines the installation of road tubes for the MetroCount MC5600 Road Side Unit.


Road Side Unit Setup

The fourth video in this series examines the setup of the Road Side Unit, prior to deployment on the roadside.


Survey Site Removal

The fifth video in this series details the removal of a temporary traffic site.

  1. Steve Stanton says:

    Great Videos! The set-up and roadside installation of theses traffic counters are just as easy as the videos suggest. I would recommend the creation of an educational/instructional video for set-up of the traffic counter software as well. Not only would I benefit it’s use as a refresher course now and then but the video would be great for new and, future users in our department.

  2. Ellen Benoit says:

    Thanks for the information. Very clear, precise and helpful. Glad I took the time to watch. I will be looking at the software videos also – as I am sure there is a lot more information to extract than what I know about.

  3. Vern Bastian Vern Bastian says:

    Thanks Ellen, I appreciate the feedback. All the best, Vern

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