Rural Road Safety in Western Australia

After a very quiet year attending minimal conferences or trade shows, MetroCount was very excited to get back into networking and discussing rural road safety at last week’s Western Australia Local Government Conference.

Sarah, Dale and MetroCount’s new Projects Coordinator Vanessa Eramanis met with local government supervisors to talk about how to best apply for government funding using MetroCount data and improve knowledge of traffic movements.

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Improving rural road safety & maintenance

Rural Road Safety

Sarah’s presentation on improving road safety and asset maintenance using MetroCount’s ATLYST analytics dashboard was insightful and highlighted the importance of making better use of existing traffic data.

Click here to view the slides from Sarah’s presentation.

To understand more about ATLYST and how it will save time and improve traffic data management and analytics, watch the video series below:

If you think your organisation can benefit from using ATLYST, click here to request a free trial.

Conference photo gallery

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