Speed Surveys for Safety in Brent

The London Borough of Brent is on a mission to bring down speeds on local roads. With concerns for the safety of residents, particularly school children, the Borough has embarked on a detailed fact-finding mission to identify areas of concern and collect baseline data for future comparison.

pedestrian-safetyData Collection

Data collection was focused on around 60 sites across the borough to gather speed statistics with the MetroCount Vehicle Tube Counter. Key statistics included speed travelled at different times of the day (school zones) and speeds of different types of vehicles from motorcycles through to lorries. Clive Wilderspin from DCA Monisyst was contracted to complete the study, charged with first installing road tubes and counters, and then providing both raw axle information and summarised data to the council.

As a traffic survey contractor, Clive and the Monisyst Team are used to working with large numbers of datasets, but this study was interesting in the high density of sites.

“By the time we had all the sites down, you’d have had a hard time passing through the borough without driving over at least 5 or 6 MetroCount units. “

Clive has been a long time user of MetroCount traffic monitoring equipment. “We’ve had a very long and productive relationship with MetroCount. For traffic surveys where we need accurate vehicle speeds and classification, the MetroCount Tube Counter is the only tool for the job.”

Map with marked locations 2

The distribution of traffic survey sites in the Borough of Brent.

Speed Traffic Data Chart

An example chart showing flow stacked by speed (coloured speed bins).

Safety Around Schools

Results of the survey have guided local traffic engineers to areas where speeds are higher. Through road design and a reduction of speed limits, the borough hopes to create safer streets that encourage active transport in the area especially among school children.
Congestion around schools has created safety concerns for pedestrians. Following a London-wide review, London Boroughs are adopting 20mph zoning coupled with reductions in lollypop person funding at school crossings. Vehicle speed data collected by the borough will help to justify the Boroughs infrastructure works around schools and provide a clear indication of how those works have impacted speeds.

Speed Survey in Brent

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