The MetroCount Signature System

We have created a sophisticated interaction between the MetroCount Vehicle Classifier System hardware and software that allows us to offer a variety of Option Levels (signatures) with different access to reporting features.

Theses options are:

  • Base
  • Regular
  • Plus
  • Plus Batch

Each MetroCount counter has a unique signature that defines which reports are accessible. One of the best features of the MetroCount Signature System is that you can easily upgrade the Option Level of your Roadside Units, anytime after purchase, via fax or e-mail. We simply supply you with new Authenticity Signatures, then any new datasets you create will have your new Option Level.

One of the best features of the MetroCount Signature System is that you can easily upgrade the Signature of your counter, anytime after purchase. We simply supply you with new signatures, then any new datasets from upgraded counters will have the upgrad capabilitiesies.

Old datasets can be upgraded to the new signature, but only by MetroCount.

Please Note:
Each Roadside Unit Signature is unique and can not be transferred from one Roadside Unit to another. A Roadside Unit’s Signature is stored inside the Unit. The signature is based upon the Roadside Unit’s serial number and therefore can only be installed on the Roadside Unit with corresponding serial code. If a Roadside Unit signature is lost, then MetroCount will re-issue the original Signature without charge.



Report NameBaseRegularPlusPhaseDescription
User Defined Vehicle Reports
Custom List ReportXXCustom built reports.
Formatted Vehicle Reports
Weekly Vehicle CountsXXXXTable of hourly vehicle counts, peaks and averages. One week per page.
Weekly Vehicle Counts (Virtual Week)XXTable of hourly vehicle counts, peaks and averages. Compressed into one week.
Vehicle CountsXXXXReport optimized for vehicle counts.
Vehicle Counts (Virtual Day)XXReport optimized for vehicle counts. Compressed into one day.
Daily ClassesXXXClass volumes and percentages of daily and weekly flow.
Daily Classes by DirectionXXXClass volumes and percentages by direction.
Daily Classes (Estimated Mass)XXClass volumes and percentages of daily and weekly flow with estimated masses
Class Speed MatrixXXXTable showing speed versus class, with totals.
Speed Separation MatrixXXTable showing speed versus vehicle separation, with totals.
Rolling Day TotalsXXDaily volume and speed summary in rolling format.
Individual VehiclesXXList of each vehicle showing time, speed, class, wheelbase, headway, axles, groups and wheel picture
Queued VehiclesXXList queues showing lead and trailing vehicles
Speed StatisticsXXReport showing speed statistics by bin
Speed Statistics by HourXXReport showing speed statistics by hour
Separation StatisticsXXReport showing separation statistics by bin
Separation Statistics by HourXXReport showing separation statistics by hour
Adjusted Vehicle FlowXXReport showing AADT and ADT.
Data ScanXXData scan with result status
Phase Reports
Custom List ReportXCustom built phase reports.
Data Phase ReportXIndividual vehicles ordered by phase, with speed statistics.
Phase StatisticsXPhase timing statistics.


Technical details

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