The MetroCount Signature System

We have created a sophisticated interaction between the MetroCount Vehicle Classifier System hardware and software that allows us to offer a variety of Option Levels, including Base, Regular and Plus, all with the option of Batch processing.

Each MetroCount Unit has an Authenticity Signature that identifies the Option Level you purchase. Traffic datasets created using MCSurvey then inherit this Option Level. Other programs in Traffic Executive dynamically change their available features based on the Option Level of the datasets you load.

One of the best features of the MetroCount Signature System is that you can easily upgrade the Option Level of your Roadside Units, any time after purchase, via fax or e-mail. We simply supply you with new Authenticity Signatures, then any new datasets you create will have your new Option Level.

Old datasets can be upgraded to your new Option Level, but only by MetroCount. Contact us for details about our Dataset Signing Service.

Please Note:
Each Roadside Unit Signature is unique and can not be transferred from one Roadside Unit to another. A Roadside Unit’s Signature is stored inside the Unit. The signature is based upon the Roadside Unit’s serial number and therefore can only be installed on the Roadside Unit with corresponding serial code. If a Roadside Unit signature is lost, then MetroCount will re-issue the original Signature without charge.

Information about the MetroCount Signature System [pdf, 251K, Jan 2005].

Technical details

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