MetroCount Training & Certification

Gain your MetroCount Certification online by attending five 2.5-hour webinar sessions.  The course offers end-to-end tuition on all aspects of vehicle surveying from how to install traffic counters to detailed data analysis. On completion of the course you’ll be able to:


  • Understand how traffic classifiers work.
  • Optimise data quality by correctly installing counters on different road types.
  • Easily plan and implement multiple traffic surveys.
  • Manage surveys remotely and download data from your desk.
  • Check data quality and diagnose issues if they appear.
  • Generate traffic data reports and export into other software.
  • Save time with an introduction to custom reports.
  • Determine if automated report generation could be beneficial for your organisation.
  • Better understand remote access and remote data services.
  • And much more!

What's included

Webinar 1

  • Introduction to the MetroCount Certification training course.
  • How axle-based classifiers and classification schemes work.
  • How the MetroCount time-stamping and signature system work.

Webinar 2

  • Best practices for MetroCount classifiers installation.
  • Tools and equipment required for installations.
  • What types of roads require different counters or a combination of systems.

Webinar 3

  • Why use Site Lists and how to create them.
  • Setting up a classifier using the MTE software.
  • Managing datasets and data quality checking.
  • Editing dataset header parameters.

Webinar 4

  • Introduction to the MTE® software.
  • Exploring the extensive range of data analysis tools.
  • Using Report Vortex and Report Profile to filter data.
  • Creating Custom List and Custom Template reports.
  • Exporting data to other software packages.

Webinar 5

  • Batch scripting to automate multiple reports.
  • Remotely access data without having to visit the survey site.
  • Intro to Atlyst, the new online data analysis and survey management tool.

Exam & Perks

After attending 5 live webinars and submitting your exam responses, you’ll obtain your MetroCount Certificate of Achievement that can be added to your résumé and LinkedIn profile.

You’ll also receive the latest version of MTE® software and a personalised Site List that will help you plan and manage multiple traffic surveys going forward.

What Others Say

“Very well organised! Good, solid content presented very well. Learned a lot including furthering my understanding of installation/setup of traffic counters and efficient processes when using the MTE software.”

“Immensely helpful […] This course has provided a wealth of knowledge and was presented by Maurice at a level making it easy to learn and understand. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working with traffic counters.”

“I am new to the [survey] programs team. The course has given me a good overview into MetroCount traffic counters – in particular, how the counters are installed, and what counter units and configurations to use, depending on the traffic count needs, lane configuration and traffic volumes.”

“This course has helped me not only to perform more detailed analysis and reporting techniques but has also taught me how to properly audit raw data files. I’ll definitely recommend it.”

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