Back in Black: the new look MetroCount case

MetroCount engineers have been hard at work designing the latest iteration of our famously robust Road Side Unit (RSU) cases. Even though the existing models have survived fire, flood and famine (low batteries) the MetroCount engineering team are always on the lookout to innovate and improve the MetroCount product range.

The new case has been engineered from the ground up to improve upon the weather sealing and durability while maintaining equalised air pressure within the unit.

Newlook Black Case MetroCount

Membrane Vent

The major new addition to the case of a membrane vent ensures that moisture build up from air expansion is avoided within the RSU. Made from a specialist material, the membrane vent allows air to escape the logger, while preventing water molecules from entering.


Fibre Reinforced Construction

The new composite material for the road cases was developed under strict testing to produce our strongest and most durable case yet. The incredible properties of our new housing ensure next to no warping or softening under extreme heat conditions.

A New Standard For Weather Proofing

Roadside conditions can be treacherous for RSU’s. Over our twenty years of selling RSU’s around the world our enclosures have been exposed to the harshest conditions nature can throw at them. Drawing on these experiences, we have further improved the weather sealing of our units with improved O-Ring seals on all components and a new recessed seal for the lid. As with all previous models, lid screws should only be tightened by hand with minimal torque, and never over-tightened.

Although MetroCount units are all-weather sealed, they are not designed to be immersed in water and such use will void any warranty.


One Housing To Rule Them All

Our new housing is currently available with the MC5600 counter but will be rolling out with all Road Side Unit models in the near future.

  1. Benny Johnson says:

    Could you send me prices on your tube counters?

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