Rural traffic counting in Flagstaff, Canada

Rural Traffic Counting in Flagstaff, Canada

For the past six years, the Council of Flagstaff County in Alberta, Canada have been successfully surveying traffic at 56 varying rural locations.

Traffex 2019: Introducing new counting solutions

We spent the first week of April in Birmingham, exhibiting at Traffex 2019. During three busy days, we met old friends and formed new connections in the traffic industry. Keeping with MetroCount tradition, Traffex has been a chance to introduce

Canton Ticino: Retrofitting loop counters

Switzerland has a dense network of roads and railways. Most roads are municipal, but over 25% are managed by the 26 cantons. Although only 2.48% or roads are in the charge of the Fedro (Swiss Federal Roads Office), this infrastructure is

Comprehensive bicycle data

We kicked off the 2019 exhibition season in London with the first edition of MOVE. During two days, about 3000 visitors from 74 countries have attended hundreds of presentations about the latest transportation technologies, models and ideas. Bicycle data: The

Mexico: Towards a National Mobility Strategy

For a third consecutive year, MetroCount exhibited at Mexico’s largest traffic trade show. Under the Intertraffic brand, this event attracts thousands of traffic technology professionals and road managers from across Latin America. This year’s main theme of discussion has been

5 Signs you Require a Permanent Counter

1. Your tube counter is used at one location only. Tube counters are designed for easy rotation between locations. Their purpose it to build knowledge about local traffic, identify critical areas and test assumptions. If your tube counter is used

Improving Road Traffic Management in Indonesia

We started the month of November in Jakarta, attending the first edition of Intertraffic Indonesia. As the world’s fourth most populous country, the quality and safety of road traffic are a big concern in Indonesia. To bring together road authorities,

Traffic in Mumbai and across India

We have returned to Mumbai to attend the 7th edition of TrafficInfraTech Expo. After 2 years, we found an ever busier and tenser city scape. In the last 6 years, the number of cars in Mumbai has increased from 20.28 to

Wales: Traffic Counting and Speed Surveys

For almost 30 years, our friends at Tracsis have been successfully carrying out traffic counting across the UK and Ireland, and sometimes further away from home, in North America, Africa, Australasia and the Middle East. For half of this time, they have

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