5 tips for surveying traffic on dirt roads & cycleways

MetroCount’s vehicle monitoring systems are renowned for collecting data on sealed or paved roads and cycleways. But did you know they’re also extremely effective at surveying traffic on dirt roads and bike paths? Below is our list of tips for

Bendigo pedals into the future with state-of-the-art infrastructure

The City of Greater Bendigo is leading by example after construction was recently completed on a state-of-the-art, on-road protected cycleway. Infrastructure like this supports cycling growth but is still rare in Australia, especially in regional areas. The Ellis Street bike

Cycling data from Australian cities shows unbelievable growth

Recent data shows that Aussies are jumping on their bikes like never before. A streak of sunny weather, coronavirus restrictions and a few public holidays have culminated in cycling growth in Australia tripling in some suburbs compared to the same

Cycling triples in Perth thanks to COVID-19

Recent data shows that Perth residents are jumping on their bikes like never before. A streak of sunny weather, coronavirus restrictions and three public holidays have culminated in average cycling volumes tripling in many suburbs compared to the same period last year.

The Traffic Survey That Led Amsterdam to Ban Mopeds from Bike Paths

The Municipality of Amsterdam recently banned mopeds from bike paths within the city. An extensive traffic survey carried out by MetroCount Netherlands in 2018 informed the council on percentages and speeds of light mopeds compared to bicycles. This information was

Monitoring Traffic with Remote Technology in Sydney

Inner West Council recently started using remote technology to monitor traffic across their road networks. This has allowed them to drastically cut the time spent checking on surveys and implement a much more efficient and effective data collection process. The

Remote Traffic Surveys: Staying Safe & Saving Resources

Tracsis is one of the UK’s largest traffic surveying consultancies. They use the MetroCount Remote Access Link to connect deployed traffic counters with their office-based control room. Being able to remotely download data and perform daily checks on surveys from

How can traffic data inform us during COVID-19?

We’re seeing massive changes in all traffic behaviour due to the global spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. So how can traffic data inform us to make important decisions during the pandemic? Although passenger vehicle volumes have reduced, we are seeing the

Charity Ride For Cancer A Resounding Success

Thank you to all the organisers, volunteers and participants of the 2020 Life Cycle for CanTeen charity ride. The event was a huge success and has generated almost $70,000 of funds! These will go directly to supporting youth dealing with

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