Not Business As Usual at Global Climate Strike

Not business as usual at global Climate Strike

On Friday the 20th September MetroCount staff joined over four million people in 163 countries to demand government action on climate change.

CEO Mike Kenny and Business Development Manager Maurice Berger hit the streets of Melbourne to do their bit during a business trip. They marched alongside 100,000 students of all ages and workers from dozens of different industries.

The rest of the MetroCount team joined over 10,000 others in the Perth strike, marching through the city to send a clear message to the Australian government.

Here are our favourite posters from the Global Climate Strike:

Not business as usual at global Climate Strike
Not business as usual at global Climate Strike

MetroCount’s commitment to the environment

As a business working in the traffic and transport industry we believe it is important to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage others to follow suit.

We started by building MetroCount’s energy efficient global headquarters in Western Australia and inspire our staff to ride and walk to work instead of driving.

Not Business As Usual at Global Climate Strike
Solar powered bike & pedestrian counter in Onkaparinga, South Australia.

We further embraced alternative energy sources by using solar panels and efficient batteries to power all our traffic data collection systems.

Collecting traffic data with tube counters is still the most effective and accurate method worldwide, so we’ve committed to only using 100% natural rubber tubing.

Not business as usual at Global Climate Strike
MetroCount website joining the global climate strike

Since 2008 MetroCount embraced active transport like never before by developing the world’s most reliable bike and pedestrian data collection systems.

We’re doing what we can for the environment and will continue our efforts to care for the planet. What action can you take to combat climate change?

Photos from Perth Global Climate Strike

Photos from Melbourne Global Climate Strike

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