Pro-Tip | Masking Data in MTE

In this Pro-Tip we cover the process of masking out traffic data based on time of the week. Using the ‘Local Profile’ filtering feature in MTE, the process of masking (time filtering) data can be applied to any report, from speed analysis through to volumes.

By saving a ‘Local Profile’ preset once you have applied a mask, you can reuse it by simply loading the preset. Once a report has been run in MTE with masked out data, the ‘Exclusion’ info at the top of the report will detail what data has been removed.

There are a number of reasons to exclude certain days/hours/quarter-hours from your traffic data across the entire dataset. These might include:

  • Regular events that have an effect on traffic (eg. a regular sporting event, religious ceremony)
  • School zone monitoring
  • Road closure/road works

Side Note: virtual week/day reports are another great way to visualise data from an entire dataset in the context of a week/day.

How to mask traffic data in MTE


1. Load Data

First load and tag (with a double click) the dataset/s you would like to analyse.


2. Select Report

Select the report to run from the report vortex. Data can be masked in all of the available reports in MTE however, this may produce undesired results in some reports.


3. Choose the Time Filter

From the Profile dialog, click the time filtering box at the bottom.


4. Click the Mask Option

Within the time range page, select the Mask option. Ensure you tick the ‘Use Exclusion’ check box.


5. Customise Data Mask

To mask out times, either click each individual square, or the +/- at the end of each row/column to affect an entire row/column. To remove specific days from the dataset, use the check boxes below. This might be useful to remove unwanted data from the beginning or end of a dataset, or if there was an event on a particular day that would impact results.

Greater Resolution

To mask data with a 15-minute resolution, right click on any of the masking squares and follow the same process with the dialog box that appears.

If you have any questions regarding this Pro-Tip feel free to ask questions below or contact your local office for over the phone support.

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