Pro-Tip | Modify Header Post-unload in MTE

Mistakes happen…

While MTE’s site lists feature is designed to reduce data entry errors, it’s good to know how to edit the header in case you have entered an incorrect direction code, or mistyped a lat, long. Header details are meta-information that describes a survey, so fear not, editing the header details will never change the recorded traffic data. Changing header details post-survey in MTE is a basic process that every installer should understand.

Folder Tree:

MTE’s Folder Tree has a number of useful features that are outlined in the documentation. To begin this tip, we set the view to Report look in the view menu to clear the workspace and then select New Folder Tree in the icon bar.

In the folder tree, folders containing MetroCount files (.EC0) files are highlighted with a green double chevron.

To modify the header of a MetroCount data file, right-click the file and select Transform Data File.

The Transform Data File dialog window provides access to all of the header properties of the file.

Once you have modified the header (with great care) a data set must be saved as a new file (ie. the original cannot be overwritten).

Once you save the new file an exclamation mark will be inserted at the start of the Description. This is an accountability feature to alert users to that the header has been modified.

Make Sure It’s Correct!

Ensuring header information is entered correctly is critical for any future analysis of data. Simple errors like an incorrect direction code can lead to a snowballing of incorrect assumptions and can be very difficult to identify.

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