Transport Modelling Study Utilising MetroCount Portable Traffic Counters

During the International Conference on Traffic and Transport Engineering in Belgrade last year a paper was presented by the University of Pitesti on the role of traffic data in calibrating mathematical models within the realm of transport modelling. With a wide range of factors affecting the demand on transportation networks, accurate traffic data plays a role in assessing trends of road use. The researchers made use of MetroCount Portable Traffic Counters to base their analysis on accurate real traffic conditions.

In this paper is highlighted the way in which the traffic data, collected with the help of a pneumatic tubes system, are used to calibrate the inter-related mathematical models.*

traffic engineering

The study utilised a range of the advanced features of MetroCount’s MTE software like the “flow stacked by speed” report pictured above. The reports authors praised the depth of the MetroCount system for detailed traffic analysis.

Bringing a wide range of benefits, including the one related to how it processes and displays counting results, the pneumatic tube system has proved a very useful tool in the stages of collecting data on traffic flows (traffic volumes on vehicle categories, vehicles classification, average speeds), but also in the procedures of calibrating and validating the transport sub-models.*

The entire report can be viewed at the link below.

*THE CALIBRATION OF MACROSCOPIC TRANSPORT SUB-MODELS THROUGH TRAFFIC COUNTING -Gabriela MITRAN, Sorin ILIE, Viorel NICOLAE University of Pitesti, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Automotive and Transport Department

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