TRB Annual Meeting 2018 | The Future of Transport and Road Safety

After 5 busy days, the 2018 edition of the Transport Reseach Board Annual Meeting has come to an end. The conference offered over 800 workshops and seminars to about 13000 visitors. Under the main theme of Transportation: Moving the Economy of the Future, discussion topics involved open source data, IoT systems and road safety.

Planning for the Transport of the Future


The increase in road usage is happening at a fast pace. This becomes a challenge for state DOT’s as they need to adapt their road networks. With limited funds, the Washington state DOT has developed new methods for serving road users. Rather than building new infrastructure, the focus has switched to managing assets and highway maintenance. Likewise, the Ohio DOT has implemented a performance-based intervention system. This allows authorities to identify critical areas and prioritize their work. In the words of Erica Schenider, assistant environmental administrator for ODOT, “It’s better to have a lot of good projects and improve a lot of areas.”

Understanding the current road usage and its past evolution is vital for predicting its future. While state authorities in the US are invested in traffic data collection and analysis, more attention should be given to remote areas. MetroCount works closely with Australian state road authorities to continuously collect data and remotely send it to the end user. These statistics are provided via piezoelectric or loop systems connected to FieldPod.


Improving Road Safety

Recent research done in Detroit has linked truck drivers’ low wedges to road crashes. Drivers do not get a sufficient pay after working the maximum allowed 60 hours/week. This situation forces them to drive longer than expected, increasing their fatigue. As proven on numerous occasions, driver fatigue significantly affects road safety. It is suggested that between 15-30% of road crashes are caused by drivers falling asleep behind the wheel (Lindheim 2008). After  Congress has pushed for an increase in working hours in 2010, policymakers are now realizing the negative consequences. As a response, the hourly pay of truck drivers will rise to encourage healthier working patterns.

MetroCount at TRB Annual Meeting 2018

As always, we had a great time in Washington at TRB. We would like to thank those who visited our stand for a chat about traffic data or to learn more about the MetroCount solutions for traffic monitoring.

Until next year!


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