Tweed Run – Fremantle 2014

MetroCount proudly supported the 2014 Fremantle Tweed Run presented with the Not For Profit, Dismantle, who help to engage youth with employment pathways utilizing the humble bicycle.

With such a great opportunity to see our permanently installed piezo strip counters in action we set up to take some photos as the bikes went past. The colourful array of characters certainly made for some ‘old worldly’ images.

The question that remains to be answered… did the Penny Farthing get counted over the Piezos? Stay tuned as we analyse the data!

Tweed Run-7

MetroCount CEO Mike Kenny, dressed the part.


Fremantle Tweed RunTweed Run-17Tweed Run2-2

Tweed Run1-2Tweed Run-16 Tweed Run-15 Tweed Run-14 Tweed Run-13 Tweed Run-12 Tweed Run-11 Tweed Run-10 Tweed Run-9 Tweed Run-8  Tweed Run-6  Tweed Run-4 Tweed Run-3

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