Wales: Traffic Counting and Speed Surveys

Tracsis plc - Traffic counting with MetroCount equipment

For almost 30 years, our friends at Tracsis have been successfully carrying out traffic counting across the UK and Ireland, and sometimes further away from home, in North America, Africa, Australasia and the Middle East.

For half of this time, they have been avid MetroCount users, resorting to our loggers for a variety of works. More recently, our tube counters have been utilized for an extensive research of traffic volumes and speeds across the country of Wales.

We had a chat with Stephen Jones, Business Development Director, to learn more about this ongoing project.

Hi, Steve. What can you tell us about the aim of this research?

This research was requested by the Dyfed Powys Police on behalf of Go Safe aka the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership. They are a group of 27 equal associates (i.e. unitary authorities, police forces and government) who aim to reduce casualties and make people feel safer on Welsh roads. To get there, the GoSafe firstly needs to understand the traffic, and that’s where Tracsis comes in.

What about the scale of the works?

We started this 5-year study in August 2017.  The survey network covers 19 local authorities, thus logistics are challenging. We collect data from over 800 sites across Wales, some more critical than others. We like to survey the strategic locations twice a year. To be as efficient as possible, we had to carefully schedule each site together with the GoSafe team.

How are you collecting and analysing data?

We use pneumatic tubes (RoadPod® VT) for measuring speeds and recording traffic volumes. Then, the RoadPod® Phase T has proven very helpful for speed-on-green” surveys and red-light violation counts. This data is completed by additional technologies, such as radar, loops, Bluetooth and video.

We mostly look at 7-day speed surveys and direction volume with additional analysis showing the percentage of vehicles travelling 15mph above the speed limit and the percentage of those who speed even more. We always compare new datasets with those from previous years.  All data is analysed at our Analytics Centre of Excellence in Barry, Wales. The GoSafe team receives summaries on a regular basis. This schedule facilitates the correlation of traffic data with crash statistics and mobile Police data.


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